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Looking for employment or a new job? WorkSmart has the answer.

CV & Cover Letter Advice

First impressions are important. We’ll help you to create the perfect CV and covering letter that will open up new job opportunities and help you to secure an interview.

1-2-1 Support

Each person’s recruitment needs are very different and that’s why we offer 1-2-1 mentoring support. Whatever you need to know, the WorkSmart team will help you to find the answer.

Job Search Groups

Being unemployed can feel lonely and is exactly why we hold regular job search groups. The more people searching, the quicker we can locate the perfect job for you or one of your friends.

Interview Techniques

Job interviews can be scary and stressful. Nobody wants to come across nervous or inexperienced, which is why we have all the advice that you’ll ever need to master the perfect interview.

Voluntary Work & Experience

The more skills, experience and contacts you have, the easier finding new work will be. We’ve teamed up with different businesses across East Lancashire that offer our jobseekers valuable experience.

Understanding Universal Credit

Universal Credit replaces multiple benefits with one monthly payment. The changes can be complicated, but our team can make sure you get any money owed and don’t miss out.

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We provide a range of free recruitment services to local jobseekers across East Lancashire, helping you to find and secure your perfect role.

Our jobseeker services:

  • Careers advice
  • Support to claim benefits
  • Money management
  • Obtaining ID
  • Life coaching
  • Assisted interviewing
  • Addressing transport barriers
  • In work support
  • Candidate feedback
  • Job searching support
  • Interview support
  • Mock interviews
  • Application support
  • Job clubs
  • Voluntary placements
  • Mentoring